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7 reasons why your website is not converting

B2B Editor16 September 2016

7 reasons why your website is not converting

The primary purpose for most websites is to convert clicks into customers. If you are getting heaps of traffic and have difficulty getting qualified leads, go through these basic checks first.

1. Are you talking to the right audience?
If you fail to define your target audience for your website, the visitors may misunderstand your services. You need to connect to your target audience through your words, images and design. Not doing so, will often affect your conversion rate.

2. Do you have clear, attractive and enticing messages?
Often websites that don’t convert better, confuse their visitors with too many or not enough messages or worst, have clear but really bad messages. In the first 8 seconds, you need to connect with your visitor and convince them that you can provide what they are looking for.

3. Do you have appropriate call to actions?
You can have the best looking site in the world, but if it doesn’t have call to actions, how would your website convert? Also, don’t just link call to action to your contact us page, instead try to have forms on the page itself. Make it really easy for them to get in touch with you.

4. Is your website mobile friendly?
Many of your customers might be looking for you from their mobile or tablet devices. If your website doesn’t look good on mobile, it can affect your conversion rate. Make sure your website is responsive to multiple mobile screen sizes and looks reasonably good on mobile devices.

5. Are you explaining things from your customer’s perspective?
If you are too technical or use words that are not really used by your customers, you will lose their interest. As simple as it may sound, many people get it wrong. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and read through your web pages.

6. Is your website too text heavy?
Not everyone likes reading text. Most people are visual. Even if you have a great copy, if there is too much text on the website, it can affect your conversion rate. Break your text up in different sections and have a balance of text, images
and spacing. Don’t make it too crowded also. Keep it clean and simple.

7. Are you qualifying your visitors too much?
Just like over-generalisation causes conversion problem, over qualification will do the same. Not everyone who visits your website will be ready to buy from you in that very visit. If you set the bar too high and only appeal to the hot leads, you will miss-out on customers who are warm leads.

If you are still not sure or require help with online conversion, get in touch with us for a free one-hour review of your website. You will be surprised; how small things can make a difference to your bottom line.

Sam Gupta is the managing director of Synapse Worldwide.
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