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5 tips to improve your website in 2014

B2B Editor14 January 2014

5 tips to improve your website in 2014

I hope you had a nice Christmas and enjoyed the break. In October last year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the ACT was the most ‘connected’ state in Australia. Given this, and the fact that internet usage and the range of devices used by people is growing at a phenomenal rate, it’s important to spend time now planning your website strategy for the year.

#1 Responsive or mobile-friendly website: If you haven’t already done so, upgrade your website so that it’s responsive to all different type of devices. It’s important that people can access your website easily – whether it’s via their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. If you don’t want to completely redesign your website, at least convert your existing website to a stand-alone mobile website. Most websites can be converted for under $500.

#2 Focus on user experience: Think of your website as your store or office. Can your customers find what they are looking for quickly? A clean, clutter-free website interface is the way to go. Quite simply, too many options confuse people. Ensure that your website navigation is logical and easy to follow. Look for ways to reduce user clicks. Keep your website typography and buttons big, beautiful and easy to read. Above all, your aim is make the user experience of your website a great one, so people keep coming back.

#3 Less is more: Content is still king, but quality makes all the difference. Tell a story, keep it short and engaging. You need to strike a balance so that your content serves two important objectives: 1. It is picked up by search engines and improves your website’s ranking. 2. Converts a visitor into an enquiry. To make your important content stand out, remember to put a lot of white space around it. It’s a good idea to spread your content out so there is less clutter on the page – don’t worry it’s okay for pages to scroll down. Make a storyboard or a video. Try and get your message across in fewer words.

#4 Optimise your website: Optimisation is not about using lots of keywords. Sustainable Search Engine Optimisation requires an analysis of more than 100 factors and your website needs to be fine-tuned accordingly. It’s tempting to sign-off on a 6 or 12 months SEO contract, but what happens after that? Sustainable SEO looks at long term solutions for your website. It’s slower but a better search engine strategy.

#5 Get active on social media: Don’t just think about it, do it. It’s not hard. Engage your customers with different types of media. Don’t be afraid to share a video, image or article from an external source. Don’t be too serious, make it fun. You can get a web developer like us to help you post regular social media updates.

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