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The woman with a plan offering light and hope for a safer workplace
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In the chilling aftermath of violent attacks against women across Australia, comes the all-too-familiar despair from a chorus of voices on talkback radio and on social media. What can be done to make people safe? Prayer vigils, mountains of floral tributes for the deceased, extra policing and warnings peak and subside until the next attack. A Canberra woman with a...
‘Finding my own tribe’: Bosom Buddies’ Young Women’s Group a boon for patients
When Erin Osborne was 32, life looked rosy. She had a bubbly two-year-old and was 13 weeks pregnant with her second child. Then came the news. Erin had breast cancer. She had no idea it was coming. “The initial reaction was fear for my unborn child and I was overwhelmed with so many questions,” says Erin. “Would I have to...