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Business with miles

B2B Editor 1 March 2013
You probably love your business, but does it:
1. Give you a good income based on the effort and equity you have invested?
2. Give you the lifestyle and relaxing holidays you expect?
3. Give you the time you want to spend with family and friends?
4. Run itself if you are away?
5. Have a team who enjoy working there?
6. Have a waiting list of employees who DESIRE to work in it?
7. Give YOU great enjoyment? (e.g. you are looking forward to work most days)
If so CONGRATULATIONS! It is incredibly enjoyable to be in this position and reap the rewards of your planning and dedication.
If NOT we would love the opportunity to meet with you (with no cost or obligation), talk about your goals, and discuss how we assist you in getting More Income, Lifestyle, Enjoyment and Success from your business.
How We Can Help You?
Your business is probably reasonably, or even very, successful; however you want to take the next step to become a true business manager, not just the hardest worker in the business!
We can help you firstly establish and prioritise your goals and then, most importantly, help you put in place the process and systems to take your business to the level you are seeking.
“Business with MILES” represents what the principal of the business, Michael Mallon, believes all business owners should be seeking, and what he can assist them achieve: Business with More Income, Lifestyle, Enjoyment & Success! He is so confident that he can help you improve your business and/or lifestyle that from the second month working together he offers you the following guarantee: You pay nothing unless you believe you received great value!
If you’re ready to commit to improving your business, or you want to talk the options through, call Michael Mallon on 0400 009 991 or visit our website: www.businesswithmiles.
There is no cost, or obligation, in meeting with us so you can decide if Business with MILES can help you enjoy More Income, Lifestyle, Enjoyment & Success!
Michael Mallon
Business with MILES
(More Income, Lifestyle, Enjoyment and Success!)
Accredited “Best Practice”
Executive Coach (IECL)
M: 0400 009 991

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