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B2B Magazine is the premier business magazine in the Canberra Region. It exists to promote business and celebrate their successes. If you are looking at advertising and marketing your business then you should consider display advertising and editorial options in B2B Magazine. 

B2B Magazine includes sections such as Upfronts that includes short news style articles on businesses ranging from recruitment, real estate and tourism to accounting, finance and law. Canberra Region businesses are a crucial part of the regions economy and are a critical employer and training ground for our community. 

Other sections include Expert Advice where local experts write regular columns on subjects relevant to business such as accounting, entertainment, banking, business law and bookkeeping. 

We also have a government to business section where the ACT Chief Minister writes a regular column on what the ACT Government is doing to support business and implement the right infrastructure for Canberra businesses to get on with the job of providing goods and services to the region. 

The Canberra Business Chamber is also well represented in B2B Magazine. Each month an article is written by the CEO of the Canberra Business Chamber on issues that are relevant to commerce and industry in the Canberra Region.  

It is also possible to purchase the cover and cover story each issue. This is a great way to to let clients and potential clients know more your business and what you have to offer. Advertising packages can be tailored to meed your needs and requirements. They can include both display advertising and editorial. You can look at our advertising rates and see that B2B Magazine is a very efficient way of marketing your business.

You will reach over 10,000 businesses in the Canberra region each month and over 50,000 readers. Your articles will also be distributed via our website and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

B2B Magazine also have advertising offers from time that are of great value and fit well into a businesses overall marketing strategy.


Advertising rates and packages

Advertising rates and packages in B2B magazine are extremely competitive and can include both display advertising and editorial. Download complete rate card from here. (PDF).

B2B Magazine Ratecard- Print and OnlineB2B Magazine Ratecard- Print and Online


Printing and distribution

B2B magazine is published 11 times per year. It is printed in full colour on 130gsm gloss silk. B2B magazine is the premier business magazine in the Canberra region and is delivered, each month, through Australia Post to all businesses in Canberra and Queanbeyan. It is also available through local cafe located around Government buildings.

B2B magazine

B2B magazine is the only magazine concentrating on business and government in the Canberra region. It is read by business owners, decision makers in business and government – and their clients and customers.

Who publishes B2B magazine?

B2B magazine is published by Riot ACT Holdings. We are a Canberra business focusing on publishing.




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